December 18 2012

Decline / exclude an update in SCCM 2012

Recently I needed to decline an update in SCCM 2012 so it wouldn’t install or get approved again via an Automated Deployment Rule.

Remove / Decline Update

  1. Go to All Software Updates
  2. Find the Update you want to decline
  3. Highlight and right-click, then select Edit Membership
  4. Uptick all of the Software Update Groups and click OK

Stop automatic approval via Automated Deployment Rule

  1. Set the Custom Severity for the update you want to exclude to Low
  2. In the ADR(s),  add the Custom Severity field and set it to None. This will exclude any update(s) that are set to Low.




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  2. By Wayne on

    Awesome!! Just had to exclude MS15-055 because of a browser/Websense issue.

  3. By JCB on

    That’s a great way of avoiding a bad patch getting pushed out without completely stripping it from the list of downloaded updates (which comes with its own problems!)
    Used this method successfully to prevent the redeployment of KB3148812 (Caused our 2012 R2 WSUS Server to fail) without removing the patch completely from database.

    Just need to remember to always use that Custom Severity filter when creating new ADRs.
    Many thanks,


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